Education and Research

This section provides information about development, education, research and project grants opportunities offered by the Pharmacy Council of NSW.
About Us
Health professional councils work to protect the health and safety of the public in New South Wales by managing complaints about practitioners and students. Councils work with the Health Care Complaints Commission to decide the best way a complaint should be managed...

Our policies

Policies, guidelines, procedures, position statements and processes which guide the work of the Pharmacy Council.
List of fact sheets
We provide provide fact sheets to practitioners and complainants as part of the complaints management process and other relevant topics. The fact sheets developed so far are provided here for information. This page will be updated as work continues.
The Guide
The Guide is a booklet designed to assist in the completion of the pharmacy application forms and notices. The guidelines contained in the booklet are based on the Council's policies and the provisions of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) and the...

Application forms and notices

The following forms are required to be completed and lodged with the Pharmacy Council of New South Wales changes, relocation, aquisition of the pharmacies.
Application fees and charges
Application fees related to pharmacy businesses and financial interests are prescribed by legislation. Fees for approval of pharmacy premises and registration of financial interests are set out in Clause 15 of the Health Practitioner Regulation (NSW) Regulation 2016.
Register of pharmacies
The Pharmacy Council approves pharmacy premises in NSW and maintains a Register of Pharmacies and financial interest holders of NSW pharmacies.
Complaint outcomes
There are many different possible outcomes of a complaint, including no action, no further action following a council process, restricting practice, suspension, cancellation, monitoring.