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We republish our article about Continuing Professional Development which was included in our October 2020 edition of Council News. To review the article again read on.


In response to recent notifications received in relation to the compounding of ivermectin for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19, the Council reminds any pharmacist involved in compounding activi


In this section of the newsletter we will help you apply the poisons legislation in your practice.


Please note: Applications for these roles have now closed.


You need reliable, evidence-based information to be able to make good choices about your healthcare.


The Health Practitioner Regulation (New South Wales) Regulation 2016 adopts, in Schedule 5 (for pharmacy premises) and Schedule 6 (for professional services room premises) of the regulation, the


This article covers the practicalities surrounding the supply of Schedule 3 medications.

Where to find critical information


Over the last months, the Council has received an increasing number of complaints relating to the compounding of eye drops in community pharmacies. Two examples are highlighted here:


The annual declaration of financial Interest in a pharmacy business that a holder of a financial interest in a NSW pharmacy business must make to the Pharmacy Council of NSW to disclose that intere

In February, the Council welcomed Rick Samimi as a pharmacist practitioner member of the Council.