Pharmacy Council releases fact sheet on compounding

The Pharmacy Council of New South Wales has released a fact sheet about raw materials used in compounding. This comes in response to a number of complaints received by the Council in relation to the authenticity of raw materials used in compounded preparations.

Stuart Ludington, President of the Pharmacy Council said that the fact sheet seeks to provide guidance for pharmacists by clarifying their professional obligations when procuring raw materials to be used in compounded preparations.

“Pharmacists have an obligation to ensure that compounded preparations are safe, efficacious and of consistently high quality,” Mr Ludington said. “Part of this is ensuring all raw materials used comply with pharmacopoeial standards and are produced by acceptable manufacturers.”

The fact sheet has been developed as part of the Council’s increasing focus on complex compounding.

“As an area of growing concern, the Council is working to provide practical guidance to pharmacists to support improved pharmacy practices in compounding,” Mr Ludington said.

The fact sheet includes a Manufacturer assessment flowchart to support pharmacists in their decision-making process.

You can access the fact sheet on the Council website.


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