Good practice to prescribing and dispensing compounded medicines

Compounded medicines

The Pharmacy Board of Australia and Medical Board of Australia have released a joint statement to remind pharmacists and medical practitioners of their respective responsibilities relating to compounded medicines which in turn will protect patients.

A compounded medicine may be a suitable treatment option for some patients if, for example, they have an allergy or sensitivity to an excipient (such as a preservative) in a ready-prepared commercial product.

However, unlike medicines on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, compounded medicines are not subject to the same rigorous assessment for product efficacy, quality and safety by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Additional considerations are therefore required to ensure patient safety.

‘If a pharmacist believes that it is not safe or appropriate to compound a prescribed medicine, they must let the prescriber and patient know so alternative treatment options can be considered,’ Pharmacy Board of Australia Chair, William Kelly said.

Pharmacists who dispense these medicines are urged to review the statement.

Read the full media release here.