COVID-19 Update: Public Health Order (No.3) – Mandatory Vaccinations

As you will be aware, on 23 December 2021 the Public Health (COVID-19 Health Care Workers Vaccination) Order (No.3) 2021 commenced. This Order requires mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all registered health professionals in NSW, regardless of practice setting. It also now extends to staff working within a private/office-based setting. Practitioners and staff working in these settings are categorised as stage 2 health care workers within the new Order. 

Stage 2 health care workers were required to have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 31 January 2022 and their second dose by 28 February 2022.

Employers are responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure workers comply with the Order.

Workers will need to provide evidence of having received a COVID-19 vaccination if requested to do so by their employer. Employers will be able to request this information.

An exemption is available for a worker if they are unable to be vaccinated with any COVID-19 vaccine available in NSW due to a medical contraindication.

Stage 2 health care workers may also be exempt if they do not have face to face contact, please refer to an Exemption under the Public Health Order No. 3.

Additional information is available on the NSW Health website. If you have any queries regarding the new Order, you should direct these enquiries to NSW Health.

We all continue to have a responsibility, both from a professional and personal perspective, to ensure that we are protecting ourselves and those around us.

Face masks are still required in public hospitals, private health facilities, residential aged care facilities and some sites outside of health care settings. Face masks remain an effective risk mitigant against COVID-19 transmission. In situations where you are unable to physically distance or in small and enclosed spaces such as lifts, and meeting rooms masks are recommended.

You can find all the latest health advice regarding COVID-19 on the NSW Health website.